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The Smoke of My Nargile!

The term nargile (hookah ,or water _pipe ) comes from the persian word nargil , which means coconut . Nargiles play an important part in many Eastern cultures , and first became a part of Turkish culture in the 16 th century , during Ottoman times. The nargile is a crucial aspect of deep conversations in our own time. Nargile cafes are certainly prominent in many areas of İstanbul.Above all . a large number of nargile cafes are found in the neighborhoods of Tophane,Çemberlitaş,Beyoğlu and Kadıköy. A nargile consists of sevaral different parts:The marpuç (the section from which smoke is inhaleed) ,the lüle (the bowl into which yobacco is placed),the tepsi (tray) and the rüzgarlık (a metal partition to prevent the tobocco ashes from blowing away).Additionally , a mouthpiece known as sipsi is attached to the tip of marpuç. A special type of oak coal is used to light the nargile , which gives it a unipue. aromatic taste . Nargile tobacco goes by the special name of tömbeki. In addition tömbeki, you might try one of the many different fla voured tobaccos with your nargile.

You can look into selected Nargiles from here: Nargile


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Posted in Shisha Nargile by tugrul dundar on May 10th, 2013 at 23:28.

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