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Washing and Care of the Rugs

A dirty or stained carpet should be washed with soft soap, without delay, rinsed with clean water and dried. A Turkish carpet is made to last and, therefore, requires certain care. The worst enemy of a carpet is damp. Therefore, it should not be left in a damp environment over a long period. There is no harm in washing and immediately drying a carpet. However, it should not be laid on the floor before it is well dry, and it should never he kept damp on the floor.

Carpet naturally collects dust when laid on the floor for a long time. Therefore, it should frequently be vacuum cleaned. In spite of this, when laid on the floor over a long time, dust may collect at the bottom of its knots, and the carpet should be laid on the floor face down for several days in each year, walking on it frequently, pal1 to get rid of the accumulated dust. This action causes the dust accumulated at the bottom of the knots to fall off. Later the carpet should be laid face up again and vacuum cleaned.

Nomads use a more practical method. They lay the carpet face down on snow and cover it with a layer of snow. During this process the melting snow removes the accumulated dust like a filter and polishes the carpet.

Fading colors may be shined with vinegar: adding a glass of vinegar into a bucket of water, the pile of carpet is wiped with a sponge in the direction of the weave, and the carpets is left to dry. As a result, the carpet regains its shine.

As removing stains may not always be easy, carpet needs good care. A specialist should be consulted for stubborn stains. The following points should be remembered for good carpet care:

During cleaning refrain from rubbing the carpet knots in the reverse direction. Take care not to wet the whole carpet. Never use any chemicals, including ammonia, to clean silk carpets.


ANY ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Lightly wet with warm water and use 90 % alcohol to clean

MUD: Dry well and vacuum clean.

CHOCOLATE: Use a sponge damped with ammonia to wipe.

SWEETS: Lightly wipe with warm water.

INK: Damp sponge with a mixture of water, soap and alcohol, and wipe. Take care to prevent the cleaning mixture from dripping down to the reverse of the carpet.

FRUIT: Damp sponge with a mixture containing 3 parts white vinegar or lemon juice and 1 part ammonia, and wipe.

EGG: Never use hot water. Wipe with an ammonia and water mixture, failing that, use an alcohol and water mixture.

BLOOD: Never use hot water. After cleaning the stain well with a damp sponge, wipe with cold salty water. If unsuccessful, wipe again with pure white wine. If the stain is dry, brush it and clean with water containing a small amount of ammonia.


PET URINE: Wipe with a sponge while the stain is damp, and leave to dry. Later wipe with white wine vinegar. If unsuccessful, wipe again with a mixture of 3 parts alcohol and 1 part ammonia.

RED WINE: Clean with white wine, wipe with water.

These instructions are to be used as a reference only. EnjoyIstanbul.com is not responsible for any damage, fading, and or changes in your rugs or carpets due to following these instructions. Please call a professional for assistance prior to using these instructions. By using this reference, it is understood that EnjoyIstanbul.com relinquishes all responsibility.

Also, please do not hesitate to ask us any further assistance for the care of your rugs via comments form below!

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