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Firuzaga Cafe

When someone mentions smt about Cihangir,
you can have the first idea which is special cafe to hang out with
your friends, family or all alone. Turists or strangers ask how
they can go somewhere around there, everyone starts to tell them by
choosing main place that is Firuzağa Mosque, how they can go or
find destination from there. It looks like strange but there is a
bakery and cafe, we call it ”kahvehane” ;it means house for
coffee or tea, and restourant under the mosque. Firuzağa Cafe
(kahvehane) is a good place when you struggle to go on to
Sıraselviler Hill. By the way Sıraselviler is really vertical hill
to go on. If you wear h,gh heel shoes, should be better to take
out. Go back to our cafe; prices are really cheap to compare with
other cafes. Simply one glass of tea costs only 2 tl or 1 euro. The
cafe has really specific athmosphere in summer even in winter. You
can not realize how many glass of tea you drink when you sit under
the fresh, cool wind because of 100s ages trees. There is a sales
man in front of the cafe. I always see that man when ever i go. He
sales simit which i really enjoy to eat. It is some kind of bread
that shape is ring. You can have a good and light breakfast with
simit and some piece of cheese and that tea of course from cafe.
Sitting there and reading book is possible with drink. It sounds
enjoyable. Or just watching people where they are going on. Noone
disturbs you when you doing that. Noone cares what other people are
doing. Also there are many people especially girls, tell fortune
after turkish coffee with plenty of bubbles. They are furtune
reader. I prefer to choose a table close to street. It is easier to
watch everything around the street. It is quite and calm place
thats why young/old, girl/boy, everyone chooses the best cafe to do
all possibilities i mentioned in Cihangir. That is why it is my
favourite . Enjoy as much as possible. It is an useful information
how to go. Cihangir is really close to Taksim. It lasts 15 minutes
by walking. The way to go Cihangir is left from beginning of
İstiklal Street. After turning left, keep giong during the way.
After The German Hospital, you will see Firuzağa Kahvehanesi
Another way is from Kabataş. But have to go on during long hill
streets. And any taxi takes you there. Because it is so close like
5 minutes. So i prefer to reach Cihangir by walking from


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Posted in Entertainment by Merve Agirkaya on October 11th, 2013 at 19:04.

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